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About us

We do everything possible to ensure that you have a unique experience that meets your expectations.

Marrakech Balloon is an agency that specializes in hot air balloons in Marrakech and has a multi-national team of experts with years of expertise in the aviation industry. The company is a balloon operator approved through the General Authority of Civil Aviation and operates with an air operator's license. The safety and comfort of our passengers have been the primary goal of our business. We also have the right to manage the hot-air balloons we own by a licensed engineering team with maintenance certificates from balloon makers.

We also pick the top experienced, qualified, and skilled pilots to ensure your pleasure. Booking a balloon trip is effortless!

With us, you'll be at ease knowing that you're safe with us, and we will give you the most enjoyable experience.


As a pioneering company in hot air ballooning in Marrakech, we would like you to have a truly unique and unforgettable ballooning experience. Our mission is to be the safest and most trusted company to provide hot air balloon tours within the Marrakech ballooning business.


To offer hot air balloon excursions by experienced and trained personnel who can personalize our tours for corporate or private events working in conjunction with our industry partners while with the oversight and rules by the Moroccan Civil Aviation Authorities.


Safety and Security : Embrace a culture of safety and security.
People : We are a team of professionals with high standards and expertise.
Partners : Promote strong and supportive business relationships.
Efficiency : We are committed to continuous improvement in our operations.
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